Meet Our Cragganmore Masseur Colleen Maclellan

Meet Our Cragganmore Masseur Colleen Maclellan


Chalet Cragg&More offers fantastic massage and beauty therapy. If you are looking for a spa retreat we have indoor saunas, an indoor gym, an indoor climbing wall, outdoor jacuzzi’s, an outdoor swimming pool and two massage rooms. If you are in Chamonix to ski, a massage before you head out to the slopes or after a long day skiing can make a good holiday great. What ever it is you are there to do Colleen is a fantastic professional masseuse and her therapies are outstanding.

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Like the chalet names and themes, Colleen is from the Highlands of Scotland. She grew up on a farm right beside Lock Inch and this is where she got her first taste of outdoor sports growing up. Once she had finished school Colleen qualified in windsurfing and snowboarding instruction and could be found on the warm shores of Cyprus during the summer and the cold mountains of the Cairngorms in the winter teaching others to enjoy her passions. Eventually Colleen moved to Canada to follow her passion and gain a degree in Sports Massage from the University of Calgary.

Any Scottish lad or lassie that has ever been travelling always pines to come back to the motherland and Colleen was no different. Once she came back to Aviemore, Scotland she opened “Cairngorm Beauty Therapy” and proudly ran it for 18 months and watched her first business grow from strength to strength. Scottish skiing is what you would call temperamental and with Colleens love for the snow, and decent skiing, it was time to sell up and move her life and business to Chamonix. This let her combine her two passions, the mountains and sports therapy and is the reason she never left.


Colleen business provides the highest level of Sports

Massage in the Chamonix Valley. All of her therapists hold a sports science or Kenosiology degree and have a minimum of three years clinical experience.

Massages and Facials:24_MASSAGEROOM

Sports Massage

Hot Stone Massage

Aromatherapy Massage

Beautylab Black Diamond Facial

Tibby Olivier Faith Lift Facial

Beautylab Glycopeel Facial

Sports Therapy a Passion

When asked what is the best part of your job? Colleen responded with “I just love Massaging!” She enjoys being part of somebody’s health care regime. Therapy makes such a difference to peoples everyday life and allows people to push themselves and be outstanding at there chosen passions. Helping people is what really makes Colleen tick and her attention to detail regarding peoples needs is flawless.


Colleen is now a permanent resident of Chamonix and this is for the one reason that it is a magical place. The mountains surrounding the town are dramatic and to have Chamonix buried at the foot of them creates a fantastic setting. Colleen has spent 24 years of her life travelling and can honestly say there is no where in the world that she would rather be. When she wakes up she often has to pinch herself to make sure she isn’t dreaming.

Chalet Cragg&More

Colleen describes the chalets as everything you could wish for and more. She was lost for words when trying to describe their beauty. Set at the foot of the mountains next to a flowing river full of fresh alpine water creates wonderful scenery. The architecture and interior design she could only describe as boutique and majestic. Colleen added that one of the main selling points that Chalets Cragg&More has is the staff and that fantastic service they deliver. All in all Colleen is one of the most passionate people I have ever met and the service she offers is both professional and revitalising.


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