Yoga in the Alps

Yoga in the Alps


Yoga is described as “a physical, mental, and spiritual practice or discipline which is amplified when it is done in an inspiring place”, could this be the reason for that Yoga is taking off in the Alps and more specifically Chamonix ?

During the winter when the ski season is in full flow, more and more visitors are using yoga as a way to relax mentally while continuing to work out and build stamina.It has become infectious amongst the skiing community as a way to keep fit in a spiritual atmosphere. Skiers look for sessions prior to a days skiing as a means of both physical and mental preparation for the days challenges ahead but also at the end of a ski day to bring relaxation and harmony back to there body.


In the summer months yoga goes hand in hand with the tranquility of the mountains. Yoga sessions take place outdoors, encompassing the beautiful, spectacular,
natural setting of ‘the Grand Massif Mountain Range.” Chamonix has recognised that it can play an important part in introducing Yoga to the Alps and has just held its second World Yoga Festival.The event offered 40 different classes open to all abilities and ages with a considerable number of classes taking place at ‘Altitude’. Bringing more kudos to the event was the high standard of international instructors.

Yoga Randonnéeen is a new type of activity which encompasses yoga with hiking. It is a service where clients are taken up in to the mountains for a yoga session followed by a hike to a refuge. Clients are served a freshly prepared organic picnic whilst taking in the NotWaterMarked-2555incredible views and relaxing. A return walk takes clients back to lower altitude where they can enjoy a relaxation session. At Chalet Cragganmore we have a highly experienced, private yoga instructor, Blanche de Mario, who is the “Chamonix Yoga Festival” founder. Blanche began to practise yoga at a very young age and she trained and practised different styles in various countries in the world. Her journey started with Ashtanga, Power flow Yoga, with Kristin Campbell and Jivamukti Yoga with Tina James in Whistler, Canada in 2004. She then took various workshops with Sharon Ganon and David Life in Vancouver. Travelling to India she took an intensive course in Ashtanga with Rolf and Marcy in Goa, followed with 3 months in Dharamsalla at the universal school and became certified “Yoga Alliance” with Vijay Amar. She now teaches a fluid dynamic yoga, with music, for every levels. She has organizing many events such as Chamonix Yoga Festival, Yoga Randonné and Yoga Surf Camp.

If having Blanche as your yoga instructor wasn’t enough reason to stay at Chalet Cragg&More there are other fantastic advantages. Both Chalets are based in the North of the valley in a very quiet tranquil setting, perfect for practicing yoga. The chalets have private gardens, almost designed for outdoor yoga sessions. Chalet Dalmore also has a roof terrace which over looks Mont Blanc, it is literally the most stunning spiritual place to do yoga. During the cooler months of Winter the largendoor activity areas provide a perfect space for yoga. The mixture of the stunning scenery and the luxury of Chalet Cragganmore and Dalmore  makes Chamonix the perfect place to come to if you are a yoga enthusiast or simply want to learn a new skill.